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Easter Dinner Continued April 8, 2008

Posted by Rebecca in Uncategorized, Valpo Ricks.

Oh! I forgot to mention something crazy that happened in preparation for Easter dinner. Marcus went to the store to buy the meat on Saturday afternoon. He had almost everything in his cart. He needed one last thing–cream–so he went to the refrigerated section. He opened the door and found the cream; he turned to put it in his cart, but his cart was gone without a trace! He looked for about 10 minutes, but couldn’t find it anywhere. The only thing that we can figure out was that someone had been following him around waiting for a chance to snatch the cart which had the last of several meat items in it. When his back was turned they took their chance and stole their Easter dinner! We thought it quite ironic (and irritating).

Marcus had to leave the store then, but was able to go back later in the evening. Thankfully he was able to talk to the people in the butcher section, and they were able to find him some more meat in the back. They didn’t quite believe his story, but were nice enough to help him out anyway. We were grateful that the Lord provided despite someone else’s selfishness.



1. Robert - April 9, 2008

How crazy is that! I’m just glad he didn’t have his wallet in the cart.

2. Rebecca - April 9, 2008

No kidding! Be careful everyone–shopping cart snatchers really are out there!

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