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Rules of Grandparenting April 13, 2008

Posted by mom6 in Provo Ricks.

Jennifer and Cayelle joined us for family home evening last Monday, and Dad shared an article from the Weekly Standard about grandparenting. The rules include:

1. You don’t get to choose what your grandkids call you.

2. A grandparent does not get to act like a parent.  A grandparent has a different role. A parent is nice and loving but also tough. A grandparent is only nice and loving. A parent disciplines and is entitled to raise his voice with his children. A grandparent isn’t.

3. Never forget that your grandchildren are smarter than you are.

4. A grandparent is expected to get on the floor and play with grandchildren.

Rule #4


The following are pictures from Susan’s son’s wedding. Her son Wes Calland married Ilse Acevedo in the Salt Lake Temple–these pictures are from the reception in Draper.




1. Robert - April 14, 2008

That picture of Dad with Cayelle is so cute! Thanks for sharing.

2. Rebecca - April 14, 2008

Too bad one can’t be a grandparent FIRST! 🙂 It sounds like a lot of fun!

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