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Look out, Spring! April 15, 2008

Posted by sockcrazy in SF Ricks.

I was able to convince Ryan to come with Cayelle and me to the tulip festival held at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Rather unfortunately, it turned out to be an expensive walk (yes, you have to pay to get into their gardens) with very few tulips. I don’t know if it is just a bit too early or if it has just been too cold, but it was disappointing. It was fun to get out for a family activity, though. There were two patches of tulips in the Children’s Discovery Garden part of the gardens, so I got a picture there, but Ryan was quick to point out that taking such a picture does not reflect our experience in general. Oh, well. Cayelle was sure cute in her sun dress with matching pant and bonnet. Little girls have such adorable clothes. šŸ™‚
We also went over to Ryan’s parents to swim last night, but it was too windy. Cayelle will definitely get a chance to swim sometime soon, though. Hopefully she’ll like it. There is no doubt about it—we’re ready for spring.



1. Rebecca - April 16, 2008

It looks like the weather was nice though! We still have to wear jackets. Even when the sun’s out, the wind is blowing like crazy so it doesn’t feel warm like you think it should. I’m really looking forward to warmer spring weather. This has been a long, hard winter. The few tulips you did see were beautiful, as was Cayelle!

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