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Spring in Baltimore May 3, 2008

Posted by mandsrix in Baltimore Ricks.

Spring has finally arrived in Baltimore and with it comes beautiful weather and numerous outdoor events. Today we enjoyed FlowerMart, a flower/arts festival with vendors, entertainment and activities. The boys enjoyed being out in the perfect weather 60s-70s and got to experience new sights, sounds and smells. Random performers like a man on stilts and this guy playing the bagpipes wandered between the various stalls. The boys were fascinated by the flowers and we even “helped” them make little bee hats at one of the craft booths. We love Spring!



1. sockcrazy - May 4, 2008

Yes, isn’t spring wonderful? I am sure it is fabulous to get out with the boys since you have spent enough time indoors this winter. I am glad the weather was so good for you. The bee hats are pretty awesome. How often do you dress the boys alike? They sure look cute together.

2. mandsrix - May 4, 2008

Most people gave us matching outfits so they are dressed alike frequently. However, we also have plenty of clothes that don’t match so it’s definitely not a requirement. As soon as they are able to choose their own clothes then I’ll let them decide whether they want to match or not. Many of the twin books I’ve read say that you should not dress twins alike because they need to develop individual identities rather than being known as “the twins”. I think my boys are different enough that, matching clothes or not, people know them for their individual personalities.

3. Robert - May 5, 2008

Definitely got to get me one of those hats!

4. mom6 - May 5, 2008

I promised Marc I would comment today, so despite the fact that the busy day is only now just winding down (10:34 pm), I’ve got to keep that promise! I love seeing the boys–they are adorable. And it is so nice that the weather is better now and you can get outdoors. I’ve got tons of pictures to post, but I’ll just pick one and catch up later 🙂


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