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What’s round on both ends and high in the middle? July 22, 2008

Posted by mandsrix in Baltimore Ricks, Valpo Ricks.

That’s right! It’s OHIO! We had a great visit with my parents and brothers in Ohio. Rebecca, Camden and Kaleb came to visit as well as my grandparents from Arkansas. There are way too many fabulous pictures to share so I tried to just pick a few. We went bowling, visited a dairy farm, went to the Air Force museum and just generally had a good time. Before I share pictures I feel compelled to straighten out a gross misconception that even the very smart Rebecca Flinders was unaware of. The Wright Brothers are from Ohio, not North Carolina. That’s why Ohio is the “birthplace of aviation” and why the world’s largest Air Force Base is in my home town of Fairborn. Marc says I have state insecurities but I think he’s just jealous that Ohio is so cool!



1. sockcrazy - July 25, 2008

It’s awesome that you were able to go to Ohio. I guess you are becoming an experienced traveller with two small boys and just yourself. I am impressed. The thought of taking Cayelle by myself while she is so young is crazy intimidating, so, all I can say is, you, go girl! I like your pictures. I am especially glad that you posted one of the slide. Rebecca described it to me, but I guess I wasn’t on the same page, because the picture doesn’t look like the what I was imagining, but I am glad to know what it is like. I love the posting. Keep it up!

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