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July Journal July 24, 2008

Posted by mom6 in Provo Ricks.

Dear family,

We’ve had lots of fun times together lately. Meagan has been in town (although she hasn’t been at our house very much). She got her hair cut and got her stitches out (she had a growth on her upper left arm removed just before she left Indiana). She goes to lots of dance classes and stays with lots of friends.

Today we had another scrapbooking session–we’re closing in on our 2007 pages (hint, Rebecca).

Meagan would like to share a funny story that happened today.

I told Oma that I had decided to say ” Boogers” when I am frustrated or annoyed. Opa, unfortunately, did not hear this part of the conversation. Oma said, ” Maybe we could come up with a better word for that, instead of ‘Boogers.'” Opa did hear this part of the conversation. To respond, he said, ” Mucus!!!” Oma and I started laughing very hard, and then we told Opa the WHOLE conversation. Then, he also started laughing. 

I’ve run across the ode that Meagan wrote while she was here for the wedding (she was inspired by the ode Gabriel and Elijah “wrote” for Mother’s Day).

I really miss Utah so much, I admit.

With snow-capp’d tall mountains as tall as the sky.

I do not miss Utah only one bit

But a whole lot. Do you happen to know why?

There’s my family and too many to count.

Jonathan, Tine, Oma, Opa, Mom, Dad,

Miriam,David, Jalayne, Beamer, Katie.

I used to live in Provo, right by a mount;

Now I live in IN, where cussing isn’t bad.

Will I come back to Utah? No. Yes. Maybe.

Now we’ll post some of our recent pictures–thanks to Sarah for posting lots of fun pictures of the boys.

Meagan had a wonderful time entering in all the phone numbers on the speed dial feature for my phone and Dad’s phone. Obviously, we needed an eleven-year-old to find all the features. Meagan even recorded her voice for my ringtone–when someone calls my phone, it says “Oma, Oma, answer the phone. Pick up the phone, Oma.”

Meagan got to dress up in a pioneer costume and participate in a musical number for our ward Pioneer Day–she was one of Lee Farnsworth’s “grandchildren” in the number.

Since our two granddaughters are together, we’ll post a picture of Meagan and Cayelle–I guess they are the bookends of the grandchildren. And thanks to Sarah for posting one of the boy cousins.

Cayelle is getting a bite of tasty Gerber single-grain rice cereal purchased especially for her by Opa at Day’s Market.

This is a twinners picture of Jennifer and Meagan–we think their haircuts look very cute and similar.

Here are three of my favorite people–Jennifer, Meagan, and Cayelle.

We look forward to seeing more of you on later occasions–we failed to get pictures of Lora and Tine while they were also here this afternoon. We’re having our family July birthday dinner this Saturday.

Love to all,




1. mandsrix - July 25, 2008

I really enoyed the “boogers” story. Cayelle is definitely getting bigger- I think she and Gabe look a lot alike. It must be those Ricks genes. I’m glad Meagan is having a good time in Utah. She and Jen really do look like twinners!

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