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Escape from Art Scape August 1, 2008

Posted by mandsrix in Baltimore Ricks.

In July, we went with some of Marc’s friends to Art Scape- one of the nation’s largest art festivals. The boys loved all of the colors, costumes, music and the taste of strawberry smoothie that we gave them. We had a great time and decided to walk back to our friend’s apartment to feed the boys before going home. On our way, we saw a huge crowd of people cheering. We assumed this was yet another Art Scape spectacle and moved in to see what was so exciting. It turned out not to be part of Art Scape at all, but a vicious street fight between two men. When we realized what was happening, we tried to move but it was difficult with the stroller. Marc was able to get the stroller through a brief parting in the crowd but I got separated from them and found myself in the middle of the action. The fighters charged towards me, one falling down in front of me and the other grabbing me and almost pulling me to the ground. I was able to stay upright but I was still caught between the two guys. Luckily our friend Sahel, 6’8″, saw what was happening and yelled at the fighters to get away from me. He was able to drag me out of the center and we found Marc and the babies. I was definitely shaken but okay. I now just add this experience to the list of “only in Baltimore” things that have happened since we moved here. Anyway, the rest of our evening was great and I even almost beat Marc at Mario Cart on our friend’s Wii. Here are some pics from Art Scape (sorry- no pics of the fighting action):

Our favorite part was the Art Cars like the Lobstermobile (seen here with Marc and Finn and the babies)

the wooden truck

the phone car- which can really be driven on the highway

and our very favorite- the singing fish car. All of the fish on this car have moving mouths and tails and they all move differently and in time with the song being sung. It was really amazing.

See the guy in the right corner with the blue Yale shirt? That’s Sahel, my rescuer.

There were also many people on stilts and in outrageous costumes.

As a result, the Elders who were volunteering with the Baltimore Recycling group were asked if they were “really Mormons” or if they were just “Catholics or something dressed up to make fun of Mormons”. Marc vouched for the Elders and our friends who are both Catholic got a kick out of the question too. “Yes,” they said, “we Catholics are sneaky like that.”

The kids section had a lot of cut outs to take pictures in. We chose this one because there’s nothing that says Baltimore like giant rats.



1. sockcrazy - August 2, 2008

Okay, Sarah, these “only in Baltimore” stories are crazy intense. Oh, my gosh. I am glad there was a good ending to the fight story (at least for you). That’s scary, though. I don’t think you’ve sold me on living in Baltimore—the fact that giant rats particularly remind you of Baltimore doesn’t really help either. I’m glad you’re willing to share your stories and pictures. The babies look cute behind the cutouts (I can barely see them in the Lobstermobile picture). Just curious, what other cutouts did they have? 🙂

2. mandsrix - August 2, 2008

They had several- people in various costumes, flowers, a toilet, dinner plates, balloons. Adolescent boys seemed to especially loved the toilet since your head was inside the toilet bowl with the lid framing your face. They thought that was pretty funny. Sorry about the size of the pictures, I still haven’t completely mastered how to get everything just the size I want it to be.

3. Robert - August 4, 2008

What a story, Sarah! Love the pictures.

4. mandsrix - August 4, 2008

Marc has two addenda to this post. #1 Sahel not only yelled at the fighter but also pushed him off of me. #2 The fish car was titled “The Ocean Tabernacle Choir” which I was unaware of.

5. mom6 - August 6, 2008

You are a great storyteller–sometimes the stories are too exciting, though. Glad you all made it through okay

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