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Bedroom Remodel, phases 1 and 2 August 10, 2008

Posted by mom6 in Provo Ricks.

Exciting things are happening around here. I have long wanted to get some work done in our bedroom–painting and carpeting, etc. The impetus that got me started on this was deciding to get more insulation in the attic to take advantage of a Questar rebate. We have noted that since our remodel, our home has been much more comfortable, and we hope that increasing the insulation will aid the comfort and the utilities bills. 

But, of course, if I was going to get more insulation, I needed to get ceiling lights installed in our bedroom before that was done. So, the ball was rollling. . .

Here are some shots of our bedroom as it has been:

Note the decor–books!

Note the curtains (they are now history)

Note the lamps–I was told they need to go!

Phase 1: Here comes the work crew, aka the Helping Hands Club. Lora, Jennifer, Tine, and I were able to take most everything out of the room (which has given Dad and me the opportunity of spending hours to sort through things so that less stuff goes back in when we are done). Dad and John moved the really big pieces, and John took down the curtains and the rods.

Phase 2. Kurt Baxter agreed to install the can lights in the ceiling, put in a dimmer switch, and upgrade the four outlets (which weren’t grounded, etc.).

Here you can get an idea of the can lights–we will be able to see when we go in the bedroom! Kurt finished his tasks yesterday–he’ll put the final touches on after the painting is done. On to phase 3 next week!

Our goal is to get our bedroom and the office done before we leave on our cruise in mid-September and before Grandpa Ricks comes to live with us end of September. He turns 98 on 9 September.

Thanks for the help and support!




1. mandsrix - August 11, 2008

Marc says its about time!

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