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Gabriel and Elijah update extravaganza September 11, 2008

Posted by mandsrix in Baltimore Ricks.

I know its only been a couple of weeks since my last post but it seems like the boys have changed so much in just that short period of time.  Here are some headliners from the Gabrielijah Gazette:

Kold Klobbers Kiddies:

Fussiness and Runny Noses Abound

I think this was the boy’s first real cold.  I think I should have bought stock in tissues.  I just ran around for days picking up crying babies and wiping noses.


Twins Tickle Ivories at Jewish Engagement Party

Gina’s father is a wedding singer (and yes that is his favorite movie).  The boys LOVED all the instruments and the impromptu jam session that developed at the party.  They especially loved banging on the piano and singing along.


Elijah Stunning in New Swimwear

My mom purchased these “18 month” swim trunks for next summer.  I don’t know if they’ll fit then, but they sure looked cute on our boys at the pool party we had at Gina’s apartment.


Baby Boys BFFs Boasts Baltimore Broad

It has been a delight to watch them interact more and more with each other.  I hear them on the baby monitor talking and laughing together when they are supposed to be going to sleep, or first thing in the morning.  One day, I walked into the nursery to find them sitting like this and playing together.  They even, occassionally, share toys and hand them back and forth.  It is pretty adorable.


Mini Munchers Give Solids 5-Star Rating

Gabriel loves to eat finger foods but he is a Ricks- picky and OCD.  First, he must sort through his food and eat all of one thing before he can eat something else.  His favorite is cheerios.  If there are cheerios in sight, nothing else will get eaten.  Next, he must grasp the food in a perfect pincer grasp.  I have seen him pick up and drop a piece of food over and over until he is holding it exactly right.  Finally, he places the food daintily in his mouth.

Elijah also loves solids- but he has a different approach.  He scoops everything up in huge handfuls and shoves it into his mouth with both hands.  He can consume the same amount of food as Gabriel in one tenth the time.


Dynamic Duo’s Dastardly Deeds Deterred:

Parents Beef up Home Security

I set up this pack and play in the basement as a safe repository for babies if, heaven forbid, I should need to use the bathroom or something.  Gabe loves these Pooh and friends stuffed animals who also live in the pack and play.  Uncle Matt acquired them for the babies as an early birthday present.

The house has undergone some extreme baby-proofing measures.  The coffee table was cleaned out and all the games and puzzles put in baby-safe containers.  We now keep baby toys in the coffee table which they think is a blast.  I have also been creating skirts for our bookshelves so that tasty literary morsels on the bottom shelves are hidden from view.  We’ve also been busy hiding and rerouting electrical cords and creating barriers to the computers, etc. with beanbags and laundry baskets.  So far our measures have been successful with the exceptions of a card game, tape and one lamp which have been destroyed.



1. Robert - September 11, 2008

This is a fantastic post, Sarah! Thanks for the great pictures and delightful creativity.

2. mom6 - September 13, 2008

Sarah, those boys are adorable! We are excited that we get to see them on their first birthday! You are a fantastic mother!

3. sockcrazy - September 25, 2008

I love seeing what you and the boys are up to. This post was fun to read with the creative headlines. Do you know what the boys are going to be for Halloween? Cayelle is going to be a monkey—much better than the demon that Ryan originally wanted her to be. 🙂

4. mandsrix - September 29, 2008

I think they are going to be pumpkins this year… we got a couple of donated costumes. We’ll have to see if they fit though- these guys just keep growing!

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