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India Fest September 15, 2008

Posted by Robert in DC Ricks, Provo Ricks.

One of the most unusual and conspicuous buildings in Utah Valley has to be the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. In a location about three miles south of downtown Spanish Fork, the local Hindu community owns a nice property where they meditate, chant, raise llamas, sell India-related items (clothes, books, food), and hold a couple of festivals every year. Although I’ve never been, I know they hold a Llama Fest during the summer. (I’m not quite sure what the connection with llamas is.) In the fall they hold an India Fest, which features henna tattoos, traditional music and dancing, and crowds of curious people.

Nancy and I met my friend Brad Dennis and his wife there this past Saturday (Sep. 13) and had a good time catching up with them, as well as soaking in the atmosphere at one of the most exotic sites in the area.



1. mandsrix - September 15, 2008

Looks like fun- but yeah, what’s up with the llamas? Did they have Indian food also? We went to an Indian restaurant recently and discovered that the boys love curry- go figure.

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