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Woof! Was that a dog!?! September 25, 2008

Posted by Rebecca in Uncategorized.

Yes, the Flinders family has a dog! After Kaleb adopted several insect pets and asked me, “Mom, do you think my grasshopper likes me?” we decided to get a bigger pet. I was thinking more of a snake or a guinea pig, but I was finally persuaded that a dog would be better. (I’m not quite sure yet that I was in my right mind at the time! 🙂 ) So, after Marcus and the boys went on a long, hard search they found a nice dog at the animal shelter right across the street from our subdivision. We brought Cayenne, Cai for short, home the next day. She is an Irish terrier. The people at the shelter thought she might be about two years old. She is mostly housetrained, so that’s nice. She sleeps quietly in her crate at night (once we can get her in)! She sometimes obeys “sit” and “come” commands. She is generally good natured. We’re working on getting her not to jump all over people and not to bark every time any animal or person comes within 1/2 mile of our house. The kids really like her. Camden takes her on a walk every morning. Marcus took some better pictures of her on his phone. Hopefully he can post those sometime soon!



1. sockcrazy - September 25, 2008

Wow! I had no idea you had a dog. It sounds like the family—especially the kids—is enjoying her. Have fun!

2. Robert - September 26, 2008

How fun! We wish we could have a dog . . . we’ll have to enjoy Cai vicariously.

3. mandsrix - September 29, 2008

Whoa- what happened to the ferret? I’m glad you got her from a shelter- it sounds like she’s a real sweetie. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet her in December. The boys LOVE animals. They will be thrilled to pet Cai.

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