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We’re so glad when Daddy is home October 14, 2008

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Marc finished up his difficult OB/GYN rotation and is now in a blissful (but very short) two-week research rotation.  This means we get to see him a lot more and we are trying to make good use of that time.  Not only can we do things as a family, but we can also actually take pictures since Marc’s phone has a decent camera and I usually forget our real one.  So, here are some of the grand adventures we’ve been having:

Sam’s Club- yes Marc actually agreed to venture into a STORE!  This may not be exciting for you, but for us it was groundbreaking territory.


We walked to the local heavily-graffitied playground only to find that the boys were still too small to fit safely in the swings.  Ah, but wait!  Two boys are better than one and by wedging them in back to back they were plenty snug.  They had a great time swinging and playing at the park during our first bout of cool fall weather.  (We wish the jacket weather would come back- 80’s today and tomorrow.)

One of the nearby libraries has an adorable little place called “Storyville” (Marc always calls it Storytime Village from the Simpsons) where little kids can play.  They have a special area for kids under two with padded floor, mirrors, cushions, tons of baby toys and board books, and a giant sized garden with flowers and rabbits that the babies can pull to standing on and walk around.  The boys LOVED it and they even enjoyed the toddler section which had a log tunnel to crawl through and a rocking boat.

Finally, Marc was also able to attend Stake Conference with us- which was a big blessing since I don’t know what I would have done with the boys while I was interpreting.  The boys were sporting their new white shirts and boat vests so we had to get some pictures.  The group shots didn’t go too well but we got a great picture of Elijah.



1. mom6 - October 14, 2008

Those boys are growing up! And they are cute as can be!
Love, Oma

2. sockcrazy - October 14, 2008

Thanks for posting the pictures. They’re great fun. I especially like the one of the boys in the swing. That is funny. That library sounds really awesome. The one here in Spanish Fork has a teeny play room, but I guess at least it has one. I boat vests are cute, too. Kids are just adorable when they get all dressed up.

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