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October birthday bash October 19, 2008

Posted by mom6 in Provo Ricks.

Marcus drove from Denver (where he was flown for a recruiting trip) just in time to be a part of our October birthday gathering. Since Marcus has an October birthday, we were glad he could be there, as well as Lora. We all came to our house for breakfast—french toast, eggs, bacon, and my homemade grape juice.

So here are the birthday kids—turning 27 and 34 (which only means that I am getting older)!

We are so very glad that Robert and Nancy can join us for some of these events this year. We’re glad to be able to see them more often!

To round out the crowd, we had Tine, Jonathan, Jennifer, Ryan, and Cayelle. Grandpa never really made it up to join us. And since Marcus’s time here was so limited, everyone came again in the evening to visit and play games (Cranium).

With the luck of the roll and some good thinking, acting, humming, drawing, etc., here is the winning team.

What a wonderful opportunity to get together as family members—I am so pleased that you all enjoy one another’s company and enjoy being together!



1. mandsrix - October 26, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday to Lora and Marcus! Wish we could be there for all of these fun family gatherings.

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