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Gabe and Elijah turn one year old! Matt and Gina’s wedding! December 3, 2008

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We were so glad to be able to visit Marc and Sarah and their adorable boys. And how fun to arrive on the day of their birthday. With both sets of doting grandparents there, it was absolutely wonderful. Opa loved reading to the boys.

opa-and-boysThat’s Elijah on the left and Gabe (the woobie boy) on the right.

And now for the birthday boys!


Gabe was actually the first one to take a bite of his cupcake. Elijah, on the other hand, got his hands very messy and then wondered what to do next.


Elijah is definitely a Sherwood and Gabe a Ricks—how nice to have one favoring each side of the family!

marc-with-boysHere is Daddy Marc with Gabe and Elijah in their new birthday shirts.

bridal-partyOn Saturday we were in Philadelphia for the wedding of Sarah’s brother Matt with Gina Fagan. Sarah’s family is on the left (Joe, Kim, John, Sam, Marc holding Gabe, Sarah holding Elijah), Gina and Matt in the middle, and Gina’s family on the right (Nancy, Bruce, Andrew, and Grandma). We have now experienced a traditional Jewish wedding. We were warmly welcomed and included by Gina’s family.

sarahmarc-weddingSarah and Marc are happy to be together (the babies were upstairs in the hotel with a babysitter). There was lots of dancing and eating at the celebration.

Dad’s now in Brussels (after a day’s delay). He is giving presentations in Brussels, Paris, and Rotterdam.



1. sockcrazy - December 3, 2008

I love the pictures. It was so great that you could be there for Gabe and Elijah’s birthday. Yeah! So, Gabe likes a blanket, but Elijah doesn’t? Sarah, you look fabulous in your dress for the wedding.

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