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Whirlwind (snow) December 08 January 19, 2009

Posted by mom6 in Provo Ricks.

Lots of good things happened in December, some of which I will feature here. We did get to have family members over a few times, so here’s to some memories:

crafts-family-2-08Here’s a grand picture of Jennifer and Ryan with Cayelle–I’m sure she won’t remember much of her first Christmas!

jonx-and-tine-christmas-2008One of the fun things we did on Christmas Eve was to watch the wedding video of Jonx and Tine–it was the first time they saw it as well.

hulberts-end-08Lora and John were with us Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and then they left for California–some intense drive in the snow to get to the airport! We have had lots of snow!

computer-fun-08As you can see we are laughing at something on the computer. Some of the things one can find are very humorous!

g-g-smith-end-08My parents and siblings and their spouses came over the day after Christmas for dinner and a gift exchange. I’m not sure how much longer my mother will be with us. She has been in the hospital twice since Christmas and is suffering from congestive heart failure. Yesterday she asked my dad to call all us children to let us know she is ready to go. We just don’t know how much longer she will last.

pioneer-puzzleThis was a challenging puzzle we worked on during Christmas holidays. As you can see there is a lot of repetition–in the pattern as well as in the shapes of the puzzle pieces.

old-officeIn December I moved from my old office in the Staheli Building (small home perched at the top of the hill on the southern end of campus) to . . .

new-office-2. . . my new office in B-49 (the former Ezra Taft Benson Food and Agriculture Institute Building at the bottom of our hill: 800 North and 500 East). I love it except that I don’t have a window and I have to walk further to get to the library or bookstore on campus.

Robert and Nancy visited her family in California before her parents leave on a mission to Denmark. And we were so glad that Marc and Sarah and boys were able to join the Flinders for Christmas festivities (and not so glad when Marc and Sarah came home to find their home had been burglarized).



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