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Virtue and Vice January 22, 2009

Posted by mandsrix in Baltimore Ricks, Uncategorized.

Marc has informed me I am long past due on posting some pictures of our cute boys and their new-found naughtiness.  Walking has certainly opened up worlds of possibilities meaning that they have now doubled the areas of the house and shelves they can reach and destroy.  Here are the boys wearing their very appropriate Christmas shirts.  I am sad to say that both shirts tell the truth. (The shirts say “My brother is the naughty one.”)


So here are some pictures proving my point.  One of their new favorite games seems to be “How much mess can we make at breakfast?”


Here are the boys trying to sneak into the rabbit enclosure.  I had to rig this gate so that bunnies can get in and out but babies cannot.  This decision resulted from a few incidents like the time Gabriel got his entire body inside the rabbit cage and was sitting on the litter box, the time Elijah stole the bag of rabbit treats and ate half of them before we found his stash and the fact that the boys were constantly putting their toys and leftover snacks into the rabbit cage for Boo and Radley to eat.


Gabe’s walking has lead to increased dare-devilry and climbing.  He is constantly finding things to climb on top of in order to reach objects on tables and shelves he is not supposed to have like mommy’s scriptures.  He has torn no less than 40 pages which had to be taped back in.  They are a lot thicker now.


Elijah’s latest thing is smoking.  We’re not sure where he got it, but he “smokes” pretty much anything that is cylindrical.  We don’t think he’s ever even seen someone smoke a cigarette but he even has the between the fingers grasp.  We are a little concerned but have to admit it is pretty adorable.


So that’s it for the vice pictures.  Here are some virtuous ones so you don’t think our boys are all bad.  Here is a miraculous picture of them sleeping at the same time!  I love it when this happens.


Here they are playing together on the firetrucks Santa brought them for Christmas.  I love Gabe’s hair- he just woke up from a nap.


And finally here they are just being plain old cute.  We hope you enjoyed the pictures and would love to see some posts from other siblings (hint hint) or at least let us know when you update personal blogs.




1. Robert - January 22, 2009

I love this post! Thanks for sharing.

2. sockcrazy - January 22, 2009

Thanks for posting. It is so fun to see pictures of the boys. They are growing up so fast. I am impressed with your efforts to keep them safe and you sane. I can only imagine that two of them is double trouble. I’ll try to keep you posted when I update my blog.

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