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Boys³ March 17, 2009

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Here’s the latest on our boys:

Gabe is into reading and climbing- sometimes he combines the two.boys2

We are continually amazed at the spaces he can get himself into.


Occasionally, he gets himself stuck. (Actually, I just rescued him- he was pinned between the couch and the wall.  Don’t ask me how he got back there.)  This was one of his first attempts at climbing into his own highchair.


Elijah has been learning from Gabe’s example, but sometimes Gabe isn’t flattered by Elijah’s copycatting.boys8boys7

After that push, he had to go to time out.  He was very very sorry.boys19

Elijah is still his own little person.  He loves to play in tubs of all sorts, sometimes accompanied by his brother.


He loves to ride his firetruck and push the sound buttons over and over and over….boys16

He takes after his mommy in loving shoes and hating being awakened from naps.


His latest hobby includes shoving items through the mail slot so that we are continually finding toy cars, scraps of paper and other miscellaneous objects on our front porch.


Finally, we would like to introduce boy #3 who we’re pretty sure we’re going to name David John.  We got to see him for the first time yesterday and he’s every bit as stubborn and wiggly as the twins were.  He was not very cooperative in showing the ultrasound technician all the parts she needed to see, but at least he let us know his gender.  It was fun to watch him wave his little arms, chew on his fingers and kick his legs.  Here are a few pictures:

Here’s the proof that he is, in fact, another boy.


These are 3D shots of his face.  He was being very shy and had his arm up, so you can see his little arm and hand on the left, and then you can see his nose and lips in the center of the picture.djshydjshy2

Here’s a profile shot.  His head is on the right and he is chewing on his fingers.  At 21 weeks gestation he is a whopping 14 ounces and everything looks great.  We feel so blessed to have another amazing little boy on the way.




1. ricksphotography - March 17, 2009

What lovely photos! I cannot wait to meet David John! Congratulations again. Love ya!

2. Robert - March 17, 2009

Congratulations, guys! You’re going to have a whole household of fun!

3. sockcrazy - March 18, 2009

Yeah! Thanks for posting those great pictures and for sharing the exciting news.

4. mom6 - March 18, 2009

Gabe and Elijah will teach David what life is all about!

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