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Traveling and Moving August 21, 2009

Posted by mom6 in Provo Ricks.

Well, let’s see where the last few months have taken our family:

After Jonathan and Tine moved out of Wymount Terrace, they moved into our basement for a short time and convinced me we needed to upgrade our guest bedroom. Best thing about that—they were willing to help!

Guest bedroom2

Then Jonathan and Tine moved to St. Louis (after a trying adventure in getting Tine back from Germany without a green card).

Jonx moving day

Here are Jonathan and Dad taking off with a very full car for St. Louis.

jonx and tine visit

And we had a surprise visit from Jonathan and Tine in August (after they moved to Houston)—they came to participate in the wedding of Jonathan’s long-time friend James Barrett. And we always try to get together when family is in town—Jennifer, Cayelle, and Ryan were able to join us!
Crafts July 09

Jennifer and Ryan haven’t moved, but they did get to Lake Mona—this is a wonderful family picture!

Lora's classroom

Here we are on Wednesday getting Lora’s classroom ready. The next day she and John got the news that a birth mother had selected them to be adoptive parents—and that she was in labor at that moment. How quickly life can change! It’s a good thing Jennifer was willing and able to step into Lora’s classroom for the first week.

Gabe and Elijah on bridge

Gabe and Elijah are peering through a bridge in a Baltimore park on our May trip to see Marc and Sarah.


And here are Gabe, Marc, Elijah, Sarah, and baby David John on their church lawn in the Cleveland area, where Marc is working on his residency in pediatrics.

Nancy&Robert moving

It’s been so fun to have Nancy and Robert near us this past year. They are getting ready to move out of their tiny home in preparation for their summer stay in Jordan, where Robert helped direct the BYU Study Abroad program in Arabic for Spring and Summer Terms.

JordanHaving never made it to Jordan, Dad and I decided this would make a wonderful opportunity to visit Robert and Nancy in that country (their apartment is in the background).

Jerash coliseumOne of our first trips was to the well-preserved Roman ruins at Jerash—we are at the coliseum.

Jerash Jordan R N

Robert and Nancy are walking down the colonaded street at Jerash.

lebanese restaurant

We enjoyed a variety of restaurants and foods while in Jordan. Our taxi driver (to the left) is helping to eat the delicious food at a Lebanese restaurant.

bedouin food

This unassuming restaurant was next door to our hotel in Amman. Mensaf is a Bedouin specialty: lamb on a bed of rice and peanuts (or pine nuts). We poured a tangy sauce of cooked yogurt mixed with fat over the rice. That was very tasty. The other dish we got was kapsa, which was a spicier rice topped with grilled chicken. There was a sort of vegetable soup that we could pour over that.

Yemeni restaurant

This was our second meal at the Yemeni restaurant across the street from Robert’s university office. We broke off pieces of the hot flatbread and wrapped some of the food into it to eat (a chicken dish, a potato dish, and beans)—all very tasty. Note the fancy, disposable tablecloth.

Baptismal site of Jesus

Archaeologists believe this may be close to the actual baptismal site of Jesus. Ruins of five churches are at the end of the marble staircase described in pilgrims’ accounts.

Petra monasteryI’e always wanted to go to Petra. This huge carving in the rocks is known as the monastery and is found at the end of a long hike (note the size of the rocks in comparison with Stephen standing in the front). The more commonly pictured treasury is near the beginning of the ruins.

Petra rocks

The beautifully colored rocks at Petra remind me of southern Utah!

Flinders at park2

On our May trip to see the Flinders, we ate lunch at a park in Chicago before going to see the world premier of Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry. We spent all day in the museum and particularly enjoyed the Harry Potter stuff—we’re all fans.

Meagan and Cayelle

Meagan has been the big traveler from her family—she spent the month of June in Utah. She and Cayelle were the only girl cousins at this point.

Flinders in Cleveland

Rebecca and Marcus and their family have seen Marc and Sarah’s family in Cleveland a couple of times. I’m so glad they are close enough to get together.

It’s great that we work hard to make paths cross—family is what it is all about!



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